The gender wage gap

In Colorado, the average full-time working woman earns $9,925 LESS each year than their male counterparts.

Did you just blink? Or gasp? Or scream in outrage?

Want more info? Check out this fact sheet from the National Partnership for Women & Families.


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I typically only floss on special occasions.

I’ve just gotten home from a backyard barbecue, and I have corn stuck in my teeth.

I’ve returned from a party where they served celery for an appetizer.

I was asked out on a date, and I ordered popcorn to go with the movie.

I bust out the floss on days that are, you know, out of the ordinary. Special.

I’m wondering if that logic works backwards … If I start flossing every day, will every day be extraordinary?


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Biking with a smile

A couple days ago, I noticed something black in Mike’s teeth.

I looked at him more closely, a bit confused. I knew he hadn’t recently eaten a kiwi fruit or a poppy seed muffin.

So I looked again.

And I noticed a couple of wings jutting out from what I now realized was an ebony body.

Augh. A bug.

I gasped, thoroughly grossed out, and pointed out the protein he had lodged between two of his teeth.

“Oh,” he laughed. “That’s how you know I’m a happy biker.”


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Salt addiction?

So, it’s not that I’m a salt-a-holic … It’s just that we don’t have a salt shaker.

This may or may not be heaven ... Thanks to dynamosquito from Flickr.

That’s why I’m computing at the kitchen table right now with the 26-ounce salt container sitting next to me, easily within reach for adding taste to my late lunch.

I mean, anybody would do that, right?

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Mike’s brilliance

Most of my friends here in Boulder are geniuses.

My boyfriend, Mike Soltys, is one of them.

He just told me over G-chat that there’s water in his lab because his flume is leaking.

“I think it might havesomething to do with thermal expansion coefficients,” he said, as if he were talking about the weather.

Need more proof?

Just check out his profile pics:

Photo from Casey A. Cass/ University of Colorado

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