Feminist possibilities

I keep trying to convince my wonderful boyfriend that he’s a feminist simply because he believes that women and men deserve equal respect.

My hope though  does occasionally waver … like when he describes the problems surrounding “gender rolls.”

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What’s the (Super Mario) world coming to?

I’m a graduate student working on her final project, her professional project, as it’s called, and I’m eating Super Mario Brothers fruitsnacks to give me energy … I don’t know if that’s sad, strange or suuuuuper awesome.

(Oh, and I’m not above complaining if I get too many yellows and oranges …)

Tell me his stance doesn't inspire you. Pic by frostnova on Flickr.

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Stupid move (part deux)

Thanks for the well wishes for my moronic mishap. My hand is feeling fine.

Honestly, I’m struggling more with

1. Encouraging the band-aid to stay stuck on my palm, a creased and sweaty spot for anything to adhere to.


2. The tetanus shot the nurse discovered I needed, since my last puncture had been about 12 years ago. It feels like Hulk Hogan punched me in the shoulder. Jerk.

Yup, this guy! Pic by hodgers on Flickr.

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Stupid move

So yesterday I accidentally cut my hand through a potato.

Go ahead and chalk that up to one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.

Went to the doctor today to get some butterfly stitches, and she instructed me to keep my wounded appendage clean. Since I only occasionally rub my hands in raccoon droppings, I feel like I should be able to manage that, but I’ll keep you posted.

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So yesterday I played journalist and wrote an article about the Sweetheart Balloon Rally that’s going on up in Loveland this weekend.

After talking with a bunch of different people, I decided that this was, hands down, my best quote. It’s from a girl who had just gotten off of her first balloon ride.

“It was so amazing! It literally felt like you were floating!”

Yup, I’d give her some genius points for that one.

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The forces of evil are against me …

Which is obviously the reason that though I get most FM channels on my little alarm clock radio, I don’t get NPR.

I woke up to freakin’ “I Will Survive (hey, hey),” while the rest of the world heard that Steve Jobs resigned from Apple.

Though that particular tune might be applicable to the current mindset of journalists everywhere, I feel that actually hearing news upon waking from my slumber would be far more journalistic.

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