New career path

Busted out my winter coat the other day and BU-YAH!, found some money!

Pic by lululemon athletica on Flickr.


A whole quarter!

Twenty-five freakin’ cents …

Crap, I need to get a real job.

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Snowy Boulder reflections

If I was a poet, I’d spend some time describing the peace of this morning’s snowy run–the trees burdened with heavy powder, the quiet broken only by the pound of my footsteps …

But because I’m not, I feel like I should tell you about the wicked snot rockets I was able to launch, since the cold induced my nose to run just as hard as my feet were.

They were awesome.

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Accidental indiscretion

This guy would never be caught dead with worn out bike shorts. Pic of Andy Schleck by Petit Brun on Flickr.

Turns out that wearing the same pair of spandex bike shorts for four years–especially when it’s your only pair of bike shorts and you ride pretty frequently–causes them to get a bit, er, thinner, in the lower butt region.

Sorry to those of you out there who’ve seen more of my backside than you ever wanted to.

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