Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas …

Yep, just heard that Christmas classic for the first time this holiday season compliments of Pandora.

Let the wretched attempts to hit that high note begin …

(Listen and sing along here!)

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Rum pa pum pum pum ad nauseum

OK, so I’ve only been sitting at Starbucks working furiously for the past three-ish hours, and I’ve already heard four different versions of the “Little Drummer Boy.” If you recall, that’s a song that I have a particular aversion to.

Pic by Garrette on Flickr.

Why? Well, because of all the “pumming.” Call me Scrooge, but do you know how many pums I’ve listened to today?


Let  me tell you:

4 per line

24 per verse

72 per song

288 total pums!

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Not so silent shoes, Part Two

OK, so today I discovered that I am actually only having irksome noise problems with one shoe. Righty is the sole offender (hehe, get it?!)

Thus, I now run in one Green Silence and one Green Squeaker.

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Thanksgiving traditions

Like every year, Dan Kellog, composer extraordinaire, has people over to enjoy his home theatre. This year’s feature: Star Wars: Episode 4. The original. The classic.

Because my boyfriend Mike arguably looks an awful lot like young Luke Skywalker, Dan suggested that he dress up for the event as Luke Skywalker.

Pic by Big C Harvey on Flickr.

Which of course evolves into the demand that I be Princess Leia.

Adapted from pic by JD Hancock on Flickr.

And that is why I’m sitting at my kitchen table with my rather short hair in two pitiful pigtails, with two English muffins plastered to the sides of my head to pose as makeshift “buns.”

Augh. I think I have crumbs in my ears …

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