Mike just had me log into his e-mail account to check something for him–certainly a rarity since he has a smart phone.

But I’m proud of myself for refraining from sending a couple notes to friends telling them they left the oven on or that their pet snake got out of its cage, since I could have done so undercover.

Guess the good angel on my shoulder won out.

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I had a layover in Dallas on my way from Denver to Chicago.

Have another layover in Kansas City on my way from Chicago to Denver.

Spending extra time in airports is far from my favorite thing to do.

On the up-side, I’ll get four complimentary beverages instead of two.


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Cost Cutters: What a deal

Went to Cost Cutters to get a “trim” the other day.

Apparently my conception of how much hair is removed for a “trim” differs considerably from that of the Cost Cutter hair dresser.

Oh well. I suppose by having her cut more of my hair, I got more hair cut for my money.

The rat dog knows how I feel. Pic by apanoply on Flickr.

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Light packing

I’m really glad* I went to all of that trouble to pack as lightly as possible for my trip back to Illinois for Christmas and then finished the hardcover, 300+ page book I was reading on the first leg of my travels.

*Insert sarcasm here

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Words … Does anybody have any words?

Wait, I think I’ve got it: STUD MUFFIN!

I don’t think the University of Colorado has ever been prouder.

Oh Mike ...


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