Two great loves

Because I’m in Denver at the SIA Show and my wonderful boyfriend is back in Boulder, I called him last night while walking from the convention center back to the hotel.

Mid conversation, I told him to hold on, I was going to go into the frozen yogurt shop I’d just walked by to snag a sample.

Five minutes later I got a text message that read: “I can’t believe it. You just hung up on me for fro yo.”

In my defense, I did tell him I’d call him back …

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The unfairness of it all

How come kangaroos got those sweet pouches on front of their bellies? They don’t really have anything to put in there! How useful would that have been for us human?

OK, OK ... maybe God was onto something here ... pic by Subhash Chandra on Flickr.

I answer: VERY!

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Grown up?

Pic by go_greener_oz on Flickr.

I just cleaned my nasty bathroom (toilet, shower and all) in an effective procrastination plot.

I think that officially makes me an adult.

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