Having roommates renders maintaining any grasp on the whereabouts of your Tupperware lids pretty much impossible.

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Anatomy lesson

After showering and heading to my room to get dressed, I made a split-second decision about whether or  not to take the extra time and effort to close the blinds of my first story window: Nope.

And that was when the school bus drove by.

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No frills

Mike cracked me up this morning when describing the things he’d accomplished before 9 a.m.

“Well, I woke up and read the Internet for a while …”

OK, so maybe you had to be there, but the idea of “reading the Internet” cracks me up. It’s accurate for sure, but perhaps a bit, er, ambiguous.

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William’s words of wisdom

“You know what’s hard?” he asks.

Mike and I look up from what we’re doing expecting deep insight …

“To stop eating chocolate ice cream.”

Right, thank you for that insightful little nugget.

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On the hunt

OK, so looking for jobs is far from my favorite thing to do.

However, it does have its perks. Turns out perusing craigslist every half an hour reveals interesting job postings.

Best one so far would hands down be the “Phlebotomy Opportunity.”

I’m sure Boulder’s hermatophobic population would love that “opportunity.”

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Sad, but true

Yup, I definitely tried to bribe my new coworkers into liking me yesterday by sharing my Gummi Bears.

It’s amazing how much the rest of life is just like fourth grade.

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