Pride and joy

So Mike and I planted these adorable baby trees the other day. And I, of course, have fallen in love with mine.

However, I now live in constant fear that I’m going to kill it accidentally.

Which makes me wonder … how the heck are people brave enough to have kids?

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Proper attire

Pic by Lululemon Athletica on Flickr.

OK, so I’m certainly not complaining about the 70+ degree days we’ve been having (and, according to the weatherman/woman, will continue to have) here in Boulder.

It’s just that my coworker and I picked a lousy time to have our “Fuzzy Outfit Contest,” wherein we see for how many consecutive days we can wear a different fuzzy, fleecy, cozy piece of clothing.

Alas, the bike ride to work is getting toasty!

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Mike and fire (again)

Mike was just sitting behind me with one of those quick lighter things.

“Whoa!” he says.

Worried that he’d just attempted to light me on fire, I whip around. Turns out I was safe.

But about 47 of his arm hairs didn’t survive the torch.

Pic by Arthur40A on

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