Cheap or ingenius

It’s a fine line …

My phone battery is dead as a doornail (which makes it rather awkward when I accidentally hang up on people like my Dad, my friends, the person I’m interviewing, etc), so I retrieved the battery from my old phone to save myself the $30 cost of a new battery.

Alas, the old battery was too small. So in a stroke of genius, I took a small piece of paper, folded it accordion-style to make it thicker and jammed it into the small spare space.

It now fits!

It’s now charging!

And I don’t have to buy a new battery!


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Of toothbrushes and toilets

My fiance Mike just told me that he dropped his toothbrush in the toilet.

Pic by Kevygee on Flickr.

I immediately asked, “Did you keep using it?”

I’m not sure what my  response says about our relationship.

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A sweet debacle

The guy sitting next to me in the coffee shop has taken the establishment’s vat of white sugar and placed it on his table for his own use.

Should I just ignore him, or do I politely say, “Hey, buddy! Quit hoarding the sucrose, you sugar hog!”

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It’s always a self-deprecating moment when you scream over something that’s much smaller and a whole lot deader than yourself.

Let’s be honest. The flattened snake I pedaled next to on this morning’s bike ride was in no way a threat, but that didn’t stop me from inadvertently letting loose a loud “Ah” when I saw it.

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