Learning to cook

I put a couple notches on the ol’ cooking belt tonight after making some superb chocolate chip cookies (plump, thick, chocolatey, awesome!) for a good friend and the homeless kids that she helps out.

I took a notch out of my belt when, upon putting the first batch into the oven, I found some wedding leftovers that were burnt to a crisp having (apparently) been in the oven for the past month. Even my scientific-minded husband hasn’t figured out how we didn’t see the dish any of the numerous times we used that appliance.

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Difference of opinion

It’s fairly well known to our community of friends that I’m frequently the one picking on Mike: Convincing him to eat wax fruit, dog food, soap, etc.

Despite this fact, I often joke that Mike is antagonizing me, that he’s the antagonist.

Yesterday, when I was poking Mike, I said, “I’ll get you my pretty,” and followed it with an evil laugh.

He goes, “See. I told you that you were the villain.”

Hmmm … touché.

Picture from trawin on Flickr.

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The other day, Mike and I were riding our bikes when a guy carrying a long stick carelessly walked out in front of him.

Thankfully, Mike has cat-like reflexes and was able to deftly swerve and miss the pedestrian.

Despite the catastrophe’s avoidance, Mike was about to verbalize his considerable irritation in this man’s direction, when he realized what the guy’s stick was for.

He was blind.


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My theory of relativity

I was super pissed this morning when a squirrel ran out in front of me while I was on my bike.

“You wretched little animal!” I thought. “You almost made me crash!”

Now that I’ve had most of the day to think about it and consider the fact that I almost squished, flattened and killed that little squirrel, I’ve come to the conclusion that he was probably a whole lot more pissed about our encounter than I was.

And perhaps rightly so.

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