Love thy neighbor?

Does telling the morons who live below us and smoke pot and/or cigarettes all day and night to get jobs count as loving my neighbor?

I feel like an argument could be made that I’m helping them in the long run …

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In the midst of someone great

I just ran into a saint … you know, one of those people who brushes their teeth and flosses after eating lunch.


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Another kitchen oops

Turns out cookies taste a bit er, different, when you halve the butter, sugar, and flour in your recipe but not the salt, eggs, and baking powder.


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Worst powder day ever!

So the other day, in response to the weatherman’s (pathetic) attempt at snowfall prediction, Mike, another friend, and I headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park to do a bit of backcountry skiing.

The park had easily gotten two feet of fresh snow. Perfect skiing conditions!

Unfortunately, none of the roads had been plowed for us to get to any skiing.

After skinning along a road for three hours for a measly 50 feet of vertical drop, Mike officially declared the ski adventure the worst powder day ever!

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