Differing opinions

I have two wonderful and close friends who have varying levels of faith in me.

Leah–professional farmer, certified food police, and out-of-this-world caterer–doesn’t trust me to bring anything but water, albeit fizzy water, when I come to her house for dinner.

Andrea on the other hand, trusts me to bake her a couple of wedding cakes.

Hmmm …

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Unwanted neighbors

I’ve had a spider living in my shifter for roughly a month. Each night he builds a huge web around my handle bars, shifters, bike lights and bell. Each morning I grab my “spider stick” and rip away all of his hard work.

But I’m sick of it.

So I’m declaring tomorrow “National Eradicate the Bike Spider” Day.

No, National Eradicate the Bike Spider Day can’t be today. Today is National Bike to Work Day.

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Still not a professional baker …

Just realized why last week’s bundt cake test-run turned out a bit on the burned side.

Turns out I was supposed to set the oven to 350 degrees, not 450 degrees.

I think I’m finally starting to learn the importance of a thorough recipe read-through before baking.

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Only in Boulder, Part III

Here’s another “only in Boulder” for ya:

It’s only here that you’d be sitting in a coffee shop and have, at the table next to you, a young man re-dreadlocking his buddy’s hair (i.e. rolling it, picking at it, twisting it, etc), while the dreadlockee calmly works on his MacBook Air, occasionally shooting off a text on his iPhone.

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Believability poll

We have a pair of wonderful and very generous friends who’ve been letting us borrow their couch for the past nine months.

Unfortunately, over the course of those nine months, Mike and I have become rather attached to the comfortable, old thing.

What are the odds that Jessie and Jeff would believe that we’d accidentally misplaced the couch, and therefore wouldn’t be able to return it?

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