Not my fault

Dear person who sits next to me on the plane tomorrow,

It was my husband’s idea to get Mexican food for dinner tonight, not mine.



Pic by Jeffreyw
Pic by Jeffreyw

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Voice of reason

I was having some trouble downloading a file tonight, and Mike came in and saved the day. When he’d fixed it, he started doing his little, “I’m so cool” strut and waggling his hips in a little hotshot dance.

I felt it was my duty to inform him then that his fly was down before everything went too much to his head.

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Boulder Flood Update

Boulder is currently in the midst of what some are calling the Hundred-Year Flood, potentially a rain event that could only occur once every 1,000 years.

Here’s the latest update from Boulder Emergency and Management: “Stop watering your lawns.”

Pic by Jayme Moye

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Study links ball-size to fatherhood

Mike came across an interesting article from the BBC yesterday that says “Researchers at Emory University, US, said those with smaller testicles were more likely to be involved with nappy changing, feeding and bath time.”

The article continues, “Those at the smaller end of the spectrum were also more likely, according to interviews with the man and the mother, to be more active in parenting duties.”

It makes me curious how difficult it was for the reporter not to write, “Those on the smaller end of the scrotum …”

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