Dentist decals

I was walking back from a coffee shop the other day when I passed a window sign advertising, “Little Bitches.” I thought, “What the heck is that?”

Then I saw another sign: “Dentistry for Little Bitches!” and I understood that it was a dentist office advertising some kind of kids dentistry. There were cute little kid cartoons all over the “Little Bitches” sign. But I thought to myself, “What a bizarro name.”

I kept walking along this office building and saw another sign.

And another.

And when I read the fifth sign I finally noticed the “r” in the advertisement: “Little Britches.”

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How do you know your husband is a saint?

He doesn’t kill you (or even get mad!) when you spill a cup of coffee on his laptop 1.5 weeks before his doctoral thesis is due.

Wow, I’m a lucky woman!

P.S. Don’t worry, his data is fine. Just the keyboard went wonky.

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Apple’s new naming system

Mike says that Mavericks, Apple’s new operating system, is the first in the brand’s new plan to name its systems after surfing spots.

I think they should abort that scheme and continue on with other Top Gun characters.

Pic by cormac70 on Flickr.
Pic by cormac70 on Flickr.

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