Debacles so far …

For the most part, Mike and I  felt safe and secure in London. Sure there were a couple of near-misses with oncoming traffic and more than one instinctive clutch of my purse closer to my chest, but overall, nothing to fret over.

I guess our most significant close-call so far would be from a couple days ago when I picked up Mike’s passport off of the bedroom floor and casually tossed it over to him … just barely missing the open window leading to the city street three floors below. Oops.

Recreation of possible doom


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Airline confusion

I’m sitting on a plane right now, and the flight attendant just made an announcement over the intercom saying “This plane is going to Chicago. If that’s not where you’re headed, then come up and talk to us and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.”

Now, in theory, because of that whole “ticket” thing, shouldn’t somebody going to say, Dallas, not be able to get onto a plane going to Chicago?

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Fish ‘n chips

This is just too hilarious not to share.

And here’s a little blurb that I wrote for Net Assets, an independent school magazine that I write for:

Think your goldfish has a hankering for wide open spaces? Look no further than “Fish on Wheels,” which, just like its name suggests, gives Goldie a chance to see new places by setting an aquarium on wheels. Powered by an arduino (a small programmable microchip), battery and a few other techie bits, a camera above the tank watches the fish and based on its movements, attempts to steer the swimmer in whichever direction it seems to want to go. Dutch inventors at Studio Diip call it “an attempts to liberate fish all over the world.”


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Oh Boulder parking tickets

Ok, so it sucks to get a parking ticket, but at least the Boulder County municipal courts were kind enough to give me a good laugh while I was dishing out my $20 fine.

Does this strike anyone else as rather comical:

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 7.01.23 AM

And if you’re not already a returning customer, but expect to be getting a lot of parking tickets, they’ll even make it easier to pay them by “signing up” for quick payment.

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