Focus group learning

Watched some focus groups with a set of dental school students the other day. All will one day be given their own drills and picks to keep their patients’ teeth healthy.

Apparently, one of the key things they’ve learned so far: Don’t ever be drilling in a patient’s mouth and say “Oops” out load.

Valuable advice.

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Big Five Duty (Free)

Seems like the Johannesburg airportĀ could have named their duty free shops after something that sounded a lot less like animal poop.

OK, gross … but see what I mean? Pic by Dr. Kawan Kumar on Flickr.



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Tourist Quote

We’re on the last full day of our month-long adventure through London and South Africa. I should have done this tourist quote thing earlier, as we heard quite a few doozies.

Anyways, today’s quote comes from an Indian woman standing in front of a statue of Robert Broom, who discovered the skull of “Mrs. Ples,” a distant relative of humankind–one of the most important archeological discoveries in the history of the world.

Wife: Take a picture of me next to the statue.

Husband: Who’s that a statue of?

Wife: I don’t care who the statue is, just take the picture!

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