A morning of “firsts”

Just heard my next-door neighbor rocking out to “Dust in the Wind,” which means I chalked up a couple “firsts” this morning.

1. I’ve never heard a 55+ woman belting out the lyrics to a Kansas song.

2. And most importantly, who rocks out to “Dust in the Wind,” i.e. one of the most depressing songs ever?

Yep, that's the music video.
Yep, that’s the music video.

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Explanation please

Dear Husband,

I would love to understand your logic behind leaving 1.75 Triscuits in the box. Please explain.



Pic from TheImpulsiveBuy on Flickr.
Pic from TheImpulsiveBuy on Flickr.

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I just ate like 14 cloves of garlic on my two slices of pizza, so I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance to:

  • My husband who has to sleep next to me
  • The coworkers who have cubicles within a 45-foot radius of mine
  • Anybody I talk to in the next week
  • The dental hygienist who drew the short straw and has to clean my teeth tomorrow
Thanks to Liz West on Flickr.
Thanks to Liz West on Flickr.

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