Three weeks into marriage

Thus far, marital bliss in our little two bedroom, one bathroom apartment has been downright blissful.

Except for the occasions on which my need to hop in the shower and Mike’s need to empty his small intestine coincide.

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Feminist possibilities

I keep trying to convince my wonderful boyfriend that he’s a feminist simply because he believes that women and men deserve equal respect.

My hope though  does occasionally waver … like when he describes the problems surrounding “gender rolls.”

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The gender wage gap

In Colorado, the average full-time working woman earns $9,925 LESS each year than their male counterparts.

Did you just blink? Or gasp? Or scream in outrage?

Want more info? Check out this fact sheet from the National Partnership for Women & Families.


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Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.

Photo from TheBusyBrain on Flickr.

I have a beef.

Prepare yourself for another short, feminist rant.

Just read this (Guys, Get Away to Winter Park-Fraser Valley — Area Rich with ‘Mancation’ Ideas) moronic article/press release about “Mancations.”

Really, people?

First of all, their “mancation” ideas include golfing, fly fishing, mountain biking and hiking. These are all activities that either I like or I have close women friends who like … and they’re good at them too, by the way.

Second, “mancation” … what the heck does that even mean? It doesn’t even sound like “vacation”! “Play-cation” works. “Stay-cation” works. But “mancation”?


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