A word from Webster

One definition of irritating: An old woman sitting behind you in a coffee shop figuring out how to use her new stopwatch.
(And seriously, who–other than middle school PE teachers–even uses a stopwatch anymore?)


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Dentist decals

I was walking back from a coffee shop the other day when I passed a window sign advertising, “Little Bitches.” I thought, “What the heck is that?”

Then I saw another sign: “Dentistry for Little Bitches!” and I understood that it was a dentist office advertising some kind of kids dentistry. There were cute little kid cartoons all over the “Little Bitches” sign. But I thought to myself, “What a bizarro name.”

I kept walking along this office building and saw another sign.

And another.

And when I read the fifth sign I finally noticed the “r” in the advertisement: “Little Britches.”

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NOT only in Boulder

Work travel has taken me to San Francisco this week. I’m sitting outside looking at this San Francisco

gorgeous view, and a couple of moms are sitting next to me. I just overheard one ask the three kids: “Should I open the seaweed so we can all share?”


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Study links ball-size to fatherhood

Mike came across an interesting article from the BBC yesterday that says “Researchers at Emory University, US, said those with smaller testicles were more likely to be involved with nappy changing, feeding and bath time.”

The article continues, “Those at the smaller end of the spectrum were also more likely, according to interviews with the man and the mother, to be more active in parenting duties.”

It makes me curious how difficult it was for the reporter not to write, “Those on the smaller end of the scrotum …”

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An argument for world peace

I feel like if world peace were instated, we’d all be more productive.

Because then we’d never be interrupted from a flurry of productivity in a coffee shop because the couple next to us is arguing and all of a sudden we’re too busy eavesdropping to get anything else done.

Thanks to aldrin_muya for the pic!
Thanks to aldrin_muya for the pic!

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