Still not a professional baker …

Just realized why last week’s bundt cake test-run turned out a bit on the burned side.

Turns out I was supposed to set the oven to 350 degrees, not 450 degrees.

I think I’m finally starting to learn the importance of a thorough recipe read-through before baking.

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More changes

Apparently, changing your last name from “Holden” to “Soltys” means more than learning to write a different grouping of letters on my checks. It also means I go from bringing “snacks, dips and chips” to the annual church picnic (those with last names starting with A through H) to bringing a dessert (those with last names starting with Q through Z).

I’m excited to get married and all, but it’s a bummer that people now expect me to bake something to bring to the party.

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Financial ingenuity

Back home for a wedding last weekend and going through his boxes of old junk, Mike found his rather sizable (nearly 100 in all) key chain collection. Not having a use for them any longer, he put them up on eBay.

After only one day, he’s already made $40! Looks like we’re going to be able to spring for that extra-fancy flatware for our wedding after all!

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