Gas Problems

OK, so I definitely don’t recommend having your car sputter to a stop on a hill, forcing you to recognize the mistake of not getting gas earlier.

However, if you’re going to run out of gas, do so about here:

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.30.29 PM

Not only was Mr. Munson kind enough to supply me with a couple gallons of gas, but he also gave me a tour of his farm, a historical narrative of the area and a big bunch of fresh greens!

That was the best stupid thing I’ve done in awhile!

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#Only in Boulder

There’s a saying that “only in Boulder does your waitress have a PhD,” an allusion to the fact that people here are really freaking smart.

I’m sitting outside at Alfalfa’s today, however, and I’ve just seen five people in five minutes try to open this door:


Apparently, none of them were waitresses.

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#Only In Boulder

Working at a coffee shop. Just overheard someone describe the raspberry, vegan cake as “empowered.”


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Busy roads: Pros and cons

You know, living on a relatively busy road definitely has its downsides: namely hearing the sounds of traffic almost constantly.

However, when vehicles crash into the median, ram into the road sign, send a stream of sparks into the air and scatter car debris–including a bumper–along the road, which other speedsters then run over for the next 30 minutes, living on a busy road is a genuine source of entertainment.

It’s happened three times so far and has yet to get old.

This guy may well have rammed into the sign outside my house. Thanks to  zombieite for the pic.
This guy may well have rammed into the sign outside my house. Thanks to zombieite for the pic.

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Windy Boulder

So I was going to get up and go for a bike ride this morning until Mike mentioned that it was pretty windy outside.


And because I’m such a docile and submissive wife (insert scoff and snicker), I listened to him.

I headed over to Sanitas for a morning hike. Here’s a quick video that suggests it was the right decision.

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