Off-brand oddities

I’m going to let this post serve as a warning to all of you unsuspecting souls looking to purchase the generic, Safeway brand of fruit-flavored oatmeal. It’s a very sneaky system.

Pic from StarsApart on Flickr.

See, the strawberry and cream packets (two of them) come in the red package. Makes sense.

The banana and cream packets come in the black package. Makes less sense because bananas are yellow, but it’s a forgivable alternative because yellow would be tough to read, and bananas do in fact turn black when they get really gross and old.

Peaches and cream, however, breaks this mold of sensibility. A blue-colored package was bequeathed unto this orange fruit, which might be because peaches and cream is a delicious flavor and blue is a great color, but its understandability ceases to be understandable when that forces the blueberries and cream variety to adopt purple packaging.

Don’t worry, I have a solution: two in fact..

The most obvious of course, would be to put the peach oatmeal into an orange package. Alternative two: put the peach oatmeal into the purple package and save the blue packaging for the blueberries.

Come on people.

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