An exercise for your brain

OK, today’s “Challenge of the Day” is to think of one self-defining scenario you’ve walked through in the past week.

The one I threw away was more on the fuzzy side--not so much worm-eaten--but you get the idea. Thanks to whologwhy on Flickr.

For example: I accepted a friend’s offering of some cherries on Sunday (I love free stuff); brought them to work on Monday (I avoid eating out, but need snacks); disposed of the single  molded cherry on Tuesday (I try to eat healthfully); saved the rest to eat until Wednesday (I always leave the best for last) and then, while writing an article (I’m a multi-tasker), happily munched on the fruit assuming that even the ones that tasted a bit off probably won’t make me sick (I’m an optimistic risk-taker).

OK, your turn.

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