Autofill usernames: A mystery

It’s that time of the semester.

Which means that every spare minute, second, etc. counts–each is a chance to sneak in just a tiny bit of productivity.

(So what am I doing now, you ask. This is my gift to you: a chance to take a quick break, and hopefully, crack a smile.)

So that leads me to wonder what is more efficient: letting the computer mysteriously remember and then insert my username into the necessary box  OR just typing my username in myself.

See, letting the name autofill usually means I have to hit the little drop-down box and click on my moniker; it’s helpful, but it necessitates an extra step where my hand goes to the mouse pad and away from the keyboard.

If you simply type in the username yourself–something we all do frequently enough that the series of letter/number insertions is likely an expedited process–then your hands stay on the keyboard, allowing you to easily hit enter after you’ve finished.

I’m starting to think that this frequently used, supposedly time-saving strategy is a crock. Are we all being duped?

And anyways … how the heck to all of these computers know my name?

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