Boys … Wearing Boots … In BOULDER

OK. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fashion Nazi, nor do I claim to be.

I don’t have a pair of those tight black leggings that are all the rage. I can’t pull off the Ugg boots look. And I’ve never posed as a movie star with bug-eyed, bedazzled sun glasses.

But I have lived in Colorado long enough to love the fact that I can go out to a bar in a Patagonia fleece and ripped jeans (Clarification: Jeans that I ripped, not precisely placed tears where some worker from Abercrombie went to town before putting the pants on display.)

I can appreciate the fashionistas who follow In Style magazine’s advice to a tee (shirt … designer label, of course). But I just don’t understand the boys strutting around in skinny jeans (I’m sure half of their little asses are smaller than mine) tucked into their boots.

It’s unflattering. It’s awful. And it tells me far too much information about the temperature outside.

Maybe I should be a bit more forgiving. Many of these offenders are undergraduates who can’t be blamed for their abhorrent sense of style. They’re so cute and little and they’re still learning about themselves and their individuality.

But come on, guys! We’re Boulderites, if only temporarily. We value functional, comfortable clothes. We wear outfits that imply we just came down from Longs Peak and will be swimming a couple miles later on this afternoon.

Go to NYC if you’re going to brandish your OO waist size and boots that take 15 minutes to lace up because of the 47 different eyelets. It will be much more appreciated.

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5 Replies to “Boys … Wearing Boots … In BOULDER”

  1. LOL… best post yet. 😉

    Oh… and a Facebook-style “like” on the previous two posts (since I can’t do the WordPress Like without a WordPress account). 🙂

  2. Whoa! It capitalized the p in WordPress for me! Without asking! Meddling, overhelpful computers… it’s like when my phone Autocorrects, when I actually meant what I originally said (most recently it changed “sci fi” into “sic do”… )

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