So I love Pandora, but I still haven’t ponied up and paid for a subscription, thereby saving myself from the hellish (and repeated) experience of listening to their commercials.

Pic by Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano

One that has been playing far too frequently of late–an advertisement for ice cream–ends with this little nugget of imbecility: “Tastes so good because it is so good!”
Really marketing people? That’s the best you could come up with?
Let’s think about this in a slightly different way, though.
“Tastes like shit because it is shit!”
Hmmm …

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One Reply to “Commercials”

  1. Haven’t heard that one hahaha. Sometimes I don’t understand how people keep their jobs when they come up with lines like that.

    Thanks for making me laugh 🙂 Pandora’s commercials frequently upset my flow of music as well. I usually catch the one for Target, which isn’t as bad as your ice cream one, but it gets annoying when it’s the only one I hear!

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