Deliciousness in a Tinfoil Wrapper

Have you tried Wrigley‘s Mint Chocolate Chip flavor of gum? It’s like a delightful dessert … which is undoubtedly why the line of tastes that also includes key lime pie and strawberry shortcake is called Dessert Delights.

Well, a good friend Travis recently saved the day when a group of us had gotten together for dinner, but no one had had the forethought to bring that final course: dessert. He busted out his pack of Mint Choco Chip and enlightened us all to the Dessert Delights. It was fabulous.

Now because I’m a half-a-stick of gum chewer–which is more because I chomp like a cow on its cud than in an effort to save money–I had a sliver of a piece left after our “dessert.” (Yes, I know gum is about a buck, but hey, use this Target coupon code for even more savings)

And I treasured it. Saved it. Was waiting for the perfect time to chew it when I could appreciate the subtle hints of chocolate, the sweet nuances of mint to their fullness.

That time was not this morning when I was working out, still had remnants of morning breath and couldn’t really taste anything because of the thick layer of phlegm still coating my throat as I recover from a cold.

Alas, this morning was when I ate it.

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