Department of Motor Vehicles, Boulder

A few distinct personality types seem to be ever revolving through the DMV doors. Here’s a short run-down for you:

Yup ... this is pretty much the crowd. Thanks to Zoom Zoom on Flickr.

1. The talker: She (it’s likely to be a she) is the person carrying on a conversation (often quite loudly) with another person who quite obviously has no desire to be in said conversation.

2.The techy: This is the person juggling multiple electronic devices at once–iPhone and iPad; Blackberry and Kindle; Android, Macbook  and iPod; etc.

3. The whiner: Likely an individual who stands only hip height, this little person got dragged along on Mom or Dad’s errands.

4. The peeved: Irate because of even the most minimal line, he makes his irritation obvious by eye rolling, foot stamping, talking under his breath and perhaps an outburst of some sort.

Who’d I miss?

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