I know a famous pianist

Went to the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra last night primarily to see acclaimed concert pianist Hsing-ay Hsu (I know her!) perform a solo during.

The lovely Hsing-ay Hsu.

Mike and I sat riveted during her Bach piece, watching in awe as her fingers alternately sashayed and stomped across the keys of the massive Steinway.

The second half (is that what the part after half-time is called?) was a piece by Mahler*, which wasn’t quite as interesting–although we were able to pick up on at least three glorified nursery rhymes during this part–but it did allow me to concentrate on conductor Michael Butterman’s shiny locks as he whipped his head around animatedly in time with his maestro stick.

I left the concert with a new-found appreciation for classical music and a burning desire to know what kind of conditioner Butterman uses.

*Note, I’m proud of myself for knowing these composer guys’ names, but truth be told, I’m just cutting and pasting them from the press release.

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