My brain on “repeat”

It’s usually annoying when you get a song stuck in your head, but here are three worst case scenarios:

Which part of my noggin is stuck on repeat? I have no idea ... Photo from on Flickr.

1. It’s song #9 on the first cd of your favorite local bluegrass band … in other words, nobody else knows the song. You pretty much look like a moron bee-bopping to an obscure tune that’s completely unfamiliar to the other 99.5 percent of humanity.

2. It’s a popular song, but you only know two-thirds of the chorus. Insert humming here … Yeah, that’s frustrating because not only is the song on repeat … it’s those same seven words that are on repeat.

3. It’s a song from your childhood, namely something by Raffi or Sesame Street. I’ve been liking “oat, oat, oat, oples and banonos” for the past three hours … rough.

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