New day

It’s Monday.

Which for many means the dreaded start to another work week.

For me, Monday is the only day of the week that I have the opportunity to sleep in, an opportunity that I typically forgo in order to get in a refreshing swim with a couple of great girlfriends.

Today, however, I opted to be a bit more responsible than usual and decided to work toward the completion of the two paper deadlines looming ever nearer as April slips stealthily from my grasp.

But when the alarm sounded at 7, blaring NPR, I merely groaned and rolled over, allowing myself “just five more minutes.” Which of course turned into 10, then 15.

“Screw it.”

I gave up and reset my alarm for 7:45.

That came far too quickly, but after another 10 minutes of listening to “Colorado Matters,” I finally pried my body from my bedsheets.

Teeth brushed. Face washed. Ready to get in a quick workout before I settled in to the hum-drum of paper writing.

I glanced at my watch to see what time it was. 7:15 it read.


I checked the clock over the stove. 7:15.

I grabbed my phone. 7:15.

Amazing! It’s like getting a second daylight savings time! One whole hour added to my day and I didn’t even realize it!

(OK, so maybe the time on the alarm simply got desynchronized because of all my fickling with it this morning, and thus the extra hour is really due only to my own blunder … but I’ll still take it.)

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