New Years Resolution 2011, Number 2

So I live in Boulder. That means that, theoretically, I’m a bad-ass athlete.

That (wrong) conclusion led me on a “Damn the torpedoes” kind of bike ride this morning where I pedaled into the blustery wind for three miles, despite the fact that those same howling gusts woke me up last night.

Bad decision.

But one that inspired my new resolution: I will not bike to school on days where the wind speed is 35 mph.

Here’s New Years Resolution 2011 Number 1.

Perhaps I’m especially tart because in the process of heading to school, I fell over because of said (fricking) wind. And I recently discovered that in the process of doing so, I managed to squish the orange I’d packed for a mid-morning snack.

I have orange juice in my backpack.

(It’s the pulpy kind.)

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