Q-Tip apprehensions

Have you ever noticed that there’s an direct warning on a box of Q-Tips not to insert them into your ear canal?

Start singing "Jaws" theme song in your head ... now. Pic from Tamakisono on Flickr.

I believe there are many oddities wrapped into this single fact.

First of all: Who would have thought that a docile container of cotton-covered sticks no longer than my index finger would need a caution label.

But other than that, let’s examine methods of ear wax removal.

Now I remember hearing stories about my Grandpa Gene, and how he used scissors to dig out that amber substance. To me, sticking something sharp and pointy with cutting as a generally accepted reason for usage into an orifice that must lead somehow into or close to one’s brain seems like a bad idea.

Sticking a soft, fluffy, fits-into-my-ear-like-a-glove item into that same hole … well, it just seems natural.

Warning or no warning … I’m going in for the wax. And I’m using a Q-Tip to do it.

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