Rain, rain, go away

Gene Kelly was either a far better person than me, or he was completely full of crap. Singin’ in the rain? I’m far better at whining in the rain.

I want to go hiking or biking or walk around downtown Boulder and look at all of the interesting individuals who frequent Pearl Street… but with rain? I’d just get wet and cold and soggy.

Alas, this must be one of the 65 days of the year that it isn’t sunny. I suppose in the long run it only serves to prevent me from taking those other 300 days for granted. So with a roll of my eyes and a grumble under my breath, I doff my hat to the lousy weather… and I hope that it goes away tomorrow.

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2 Replies to “Rain, rain, go away”

  1. It’s raining in New Hampshire today, and I, your markedly-and-woefully-less-athletic-than-you friend, doffed my bike helmet and went for a ride. No one told me that when you go down hills in the rain you get SPRAYED by your front wheel. But the point is, if I can do it, you can!

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