Reasons Why

Today I’m holed up at Starbucks, diligently reading the articles for the feminism class I have in about an hour … sure, I had all of Thanksgiving break to do the readings … damn Harry Potter books.

Anyways, as I sit here in the atrium, the Christmas music hums through the speakers. I’m not sure if I’m ready yet for Old St. Nick and jingle  bells, but it is nice to see the cheer and generosity that spreads because of the season. A cute 13-ish year old wearing a merry, cherry red hat carries her baby sister. A young man holds the door open as he enters the cafe and two others exit. Friends chat nearby, one retaining his winter jacket to ward off a slight chill.

It’s beautiful.

And sure, sisters hold siblings, doors are held open and pals discuss their lives all throughout the year. Why is that in the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas we attribute it to the the season?

Hmm … just some thoughts.

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