Self-esteem boost

See how cool Mike, William and some other dude look?

I really think that anybody looking to lift their spirits should invest in road biking gear.

I can’t promise that you’ll be a good biker … in fact, you’ll likely be terrible your first few times out.

Yeah, we look pretty cool ...

But the hip-hugging spandex shorts; the sick jersey with special pockets; the shoes that go clip-clop, clip-clop; the sunglasses that make you resemble Neo from The Matrix …

Sleek and slender ... she's gorgeous. Thanks to for the pic.

And then there’s the bike: shiny paint, sleek geometry, streamlined construction … awesome.

It doesn’t matter how many rolls are visible through the too-tight apparel or if you actually bought your sunglasses on sale at Walmart … trust me. You’ll look cool.

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