The cat currently has it’s head stuck out the slight crack I’ve left open in the sliding glass door that leads out to the patio–an opportunity worth taking to let the warm breeze in the stuffy apartment. The cat’s fat back half isn’t fitting.

Wait a second …

Dah! It did!

I grab the little sneakster and deter the escape.

I shut the door a couple more centimeters.

Escape that, you little farthead.

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3 Replies to “Sigh”

  1. You have a cat? I am taking care of one this summer as per my NYC sublease agreement. I just hope it will scare away the rats…

  2. No Tim, the cat is my roommates … I just have to deal with it on occasion 🙂

    I didn’t realize you were back in NYC! What’re you up to these days?

  3. No, I am still in Europe! Berlin right now, going to Copenhagen tomorrow. I return to NYC next month and have already found a 2-month sublease in Queens, cat included. Hoping to find a job quickly and pay off the travel bills! What are you up to for the summer? Do you graduate soon? I haven’t been keeping track…

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