Signs of Aging

So I feel older today, in a good way. In a mature way. No, not  because my 26th  birthday passed three days ago, therefore officially settling me in my “late 20s.” And not because I now wake up to NPR instead of *N SNYC.

No, I feel more mature because of another recent event: My group of 15 friends ate out last night, and when it came time to count up the money thrown in to pay for our purchases, we not only met the total (which included 18 percent gratuity), we surpassed it BY OVER $10!


As my friend Adam pointed out last night, that’s the difference between eating out when you’re in high school and when you’re in your 20s.

The next step: Dividing the bill by the number of people sitting around the table. But I’ll save that for when I’m not still picking up pennies and nickels I find on the sidewalk.

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