Unanswered Prayers

On my run this morning, I was thinking about the past couple of days, racking my brain for something comical to write about here, yet another effort to give you a quick smile.

Alas, nothing came to mind.

I got home, hopped in the shower, dried off, got dressed … still thinking about what to write … still nothing.

Then I started lifting the soggy clothes out of the washing machine, sorting through them: this can go in the dryer, this can’t, this can, this can’t …

I saw a dryer sheet on the floor and thought to myself, “hmmm, I don’t remember putting in any fabric softener this go round … bummer.”

I continued hanging up not-to-be-dried accouterments … “Damnit,” I realized. “I didn’t even put in any fricking laundry soap!”

So now, as the clothes get washed a second time–on this occasion with a bubble-inducing cleanser–I have Garth Brooks classic “Some of God’s Greatest Gifts … Are Unanswered Prayers” stuck in my head.

What can I say … the guy was right.

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