Westminister Butterfly Pavilion: Strange

The Westminister Butterfly Pavilion has a bunch of great exhibits featuring all kinds of creepy crawlies, flying beauties and even swimming invertebrates.

Mantis! Nice pic, Tony the Misfit on Flickr!

Its mission seems to be to inform people about creatures they might normally be afraid of in order to protect them and maintain their natural habitats.

The place is basically a big pavilion of propaganda saying: “Hey! Quite squishing, smooshing and flushing bugs! They’re really not that bad!”

It’s a noble quest.

Which makes it strange then, that their gift shop offers a fairly wide selection of bug-trapping devices. Sure, science might be at the heart of little Johnny’s insect-catching endeavors, but let’s be realistic: How many of those suckers actually make it out of the prison alive?

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