Workout revolution

So recently, in a belated attempt to get my arms slightly buffer in time for summer, I’ve been doing push-ups.

Just think ... You could be almost as ripped as this guy! Pic from Tobyotter on Flickr.

But today, while out on my morning run, I found what may well be a far more effectual method of bicep and tricep toning: you carry stuff while you run.

Now, you don’t have to have any intention of carrying these things, but it definitely helps if you’re simply incapable of passing up a sign that mentions the word “free,” even if the adjective is followed by a less than inviting noun: “crap,” “garbage,” “stuff we’ve had in our attic for the past 19 years.”

So what do I recommend you carry to rid yourself of arm jiggle?

Well, ultimately, it probably doesn’t matter. But you know, normal stuff  will work just fine: running shoes; a lamp; a pair of Rollerblades …

No, no. Don’t worry about setting out on your run with these items. That’s what the generous “free junk” givers are for.

You’ll likely find these arm-toning trinkets–oh, I don’t know–roughly 32 blocks away from your apartment and you’ll probably have to get home in time to shower, put some clothes on and pack a lunch and still manage to get to work on time. So next, you run home.

Trust me. Your arms will burn!

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