So last weekend, I was chatting with a new friend, Mr. Eugene Buchanan. He’s a rad dude, a great writer, and he knows the paddling and ski industries backward and forward. (Check out his book, “Brothers on the Bashkaus: A Siberian Paddling Adventure” about a rugged rafting expedition.)

Anyway, we we discussing how so many people  don’t read the news because it’s too, well, newsy. The writing is dry and boring, and far too frequently, the photos are crap. Hearing a similar viewpoint from a seasoned veteran–and listening to his confession that even when he does write front-page type stories, he still writes accessibly–gave me the confidence to put this post up on the Daily Camera’s environmental blog, Big Green Boulder … read the post, enter the contest, and then laugh at the photo’s caption.

Cheers to fun writing!

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