I News Network Journalism Camp

So the I News Network Journalism Camp isn’t exactly roughing it. We’re using computers (some might be surfing the web for deals on new computers), soaking up info like sponges and eating three squares a day.

Then again, Denver University’s sleeping arrangements are what you might call sparse. Trying to fall asleep at night with a plastic bed, a pair of sheets that are eight thread count max and a waterproof, drool-proof, flame retardant, nylon pillow has been a bit of a challenge. And the unscreened window handily level with my headboard makes it more than likely that over the course of the week something will plummet to the ground four stories below; however, if anything does, I’ll definitely have the investigative tools to figure out why the hell it happened.

An awesome pic by Joe Mahoney from I News. Check out Burt Hubbord's story about soaring aircraft safety concerns.

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