Old people sleeping on moving objects

I just don’t understand the sleeping powers of the aged, especially in cramped quarters on buses and airplanes where space is limited and comfort ever evasive.

Not quite a moving object, but you get the idea. Pic from loungerie on Flickr.

That whole head-hunched-over-hovering-somewhere-between-belly-button-and-shoulders position is astonishing.

The mere fact that their abdominals buck up to hold them in that position and that they don’t inadvertently block their airway defies logic on numerous levels.

To the old people out there seeking sleep by whatever means necessary: I salute you!

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One Reply to “Old people sleeping on moving objects”

  1. So i am working in the EC lobby right now, and this fairly young (mid-30’s) woman in a women’s business suit was totally cashed out in one of the little booths. Maybe its just a knack that some-people have and some-people don’t?

    or maybe smart-phones, laptops, and our constant need for stimulus are destroying what could be great nap-time moments?

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