New rule in the Solti household

I think that this is a fair new rule:

One must shut the bathroom door when one’s wife is on the phone nearby doing an interview.

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Grown up?

Pic by go_greener_oz on Flickr.

I just cleaned my nasty bathroom (toilet, shower and all) in an effective procrastination plot.

I think that officially makes me an adult.

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Back from the backcountry

A slew of friends and I had a wonderful time this weekend heading deep into the Colorado wilderness to find Carl’s Cabin.

We had more snow than we could have hoped for, delicious food and even warm beds (hard to come by eight miles into the backcountry).

It was awesome.

But I do have to admit now that I’m back home, it is rather nice going to the bathroom without that cold backdraft of stink wafting up from the latrine depths below.

At the trailhead, getting ready to take off.

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Bathroom admonitions

So I just got up from my desk to go to the bathroom about 28 minutes ago (don’t ask questions; just read my blog) and there was a sign on the first stall saying “Broken.” But when I was just in there, the warning was gone. Either someone is trying to play a cruel joke, or the world’s most efficient plumber works for Active Interest Media.

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