Target is on target

I love this mega store where you can find anything (well, almost) that you want, all in one place.

That’s the key word though: find.

Is it really that big, or is it just the photo? Thanks to Patrick Hoesly from Flickr.

Walking through the check-out line today (how the crap did I end up buying $43.12 worth of stuff when all I intended to purchase was a box of fricking crackers?), I noticed that they have a map of the store, assumedly for those unable to find what they’re in search of.

Now, I’m an advocate of maps. I’m working for Backpacker magazine after all. I know that it’s wise to carry a layout of your surroundings with you even when you’re heading somewhere familiar … but Target?

I mean, I suppose it makes sense … I couldn’t count the number of times Mike and I have cursed the “other’s” grocery store because the allocation of goods in aisles just doesn’t make sense to us. But that doesn’t mean that I’d actually succumb to requesting something as obviously helpful as an actual map. I’m far more likely to wander around seemingly aimlessly, muttering curses under my breath and after all hope is lost, begging someone with a name tag for help.

But ask for a map? That would make way too much sense.

And anyways, those unflappable flaps information are for the trail, not for Target.

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